Saturday, October 30, 2010

Gil Kane Fear #25 cover, Morbius the Living Vampire

One of my favorite Marvel monsters was the man called Morbius--The Living Vampire!  The best Morbius covers were drawn by his creator, Gil Kane. 

Fear 25 Morbius cover by Gil Kane

Adventure into Fear #25 (1974) featured this scene, with Morbius entering an apartment window in New York City.  He looks eager to bite into that woman sleeping on the bed, while her daughter looks on in horror.  You Always Kill the One You Love! Of course, things are not always what the seem.  The little girl is looking for Morbius' help and this scene doesn't really appear in the story.  But a cover like this can help sell a comic!

Adventure into Fear 25 original art cover by Gil Kane from Romitaman

I have to admit, I am featuring this cover because I found the scan to the original on Romitaman's web site.  The cover is really well designed and drawn.  I have to wonder if John Romita inked the cover, or at least the woman on the bed.

Adventure Into Fear 23

Here is another of my all-time favorite FEAR covers by Gil Kane.  Happy Halloween and Nuff Said!

Update: Comments from my old MT blog...


I believe the cover is inked by Frank Giacoia.
Nick Caputo

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