Thursday, October 28, 2010

Four great Man-Thing pinups by Art Adams, Neal Adams, Vicent Alacazar, and Jim Starlin

Whosoever knows Fear burns at the Man-Things touch!  And these artists burn quite hard for Marvel’s favorite muck-monster. 

Art Adams Man Thing

Art Adams drew this Man-Thing pinup for a commission in 2004.

Man-Thing pinup from Neal Adams 2008 Sketchbook

This pinup of Man-Thing appeared in Neal Adams 2008 sketchbook.  I just love that overhead angle looking down at him.

Vicente Alcazar Man-Thing pinup from Marvel Preview 8, 1976

This illuminating pinup by Vicente Alacazar appeared in Marvel Preview 8 magazine, 1976.  That kid really needs to be brave and not fearful.

Jim Starlin Ernie Chan Man-Thing Hulk pinup from Rampaging Hulk 7

Rampaging Hulk #7 magazine featured this pinup by Jim Starlin and Ernie Chan.
Note to Satanists, Death cultists, racist rednecks, murdering thugs, FoolKillers and evildoers:  Do not get stuck in the Florida everglades this Halloween!  Nuff Said!

Update: Comments from my old MT blog...


I remember the bottom two from their respective publications.
However, did you know that the Neil Adams piece was also used as the cover to "Strange Tales" v4 (1998) # 2 )

And that Arthur Adams illo is to be the cover for THUNDERBOLTS # 154
Just helping out.
No idea the Adams piece was used on the Strange Tales cover, thanks for showing me that! Yeah, I did see in the recent Marvel solicits that the Art Adams Man-Thing piece would be the alternative cover for Thunderbolts. That was an easy choice for Marvel.

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