Thursday, September 30, 2010

Thor Thursday: Black and White Thunder Gods by Gabriel Hardman, Olivier Coipel and Mark Morales

I've missed a few Thurdays, here are a couple of Thor pics to catch up on my good Nordic karma.  You get enough good karma stored up, then Hela reserves a special birth for you in Valhalla.


Here's a crackling piece by Gabriel Hardman, who just took over the (Red) Hulk.  Thor will be appearing again soon in new Redskin's book.  (Old Greenskin, got it?  Verily I Say Thee Nay.)


Here's the cover to Thor 11 after Mark Morales inked Olivier Coipel's pencils.  And here again, I think you see the genius of Jack Kirby.  Most fantasy characters express their power through a sword.  Maybe a regular sword, a flaming sword, or a sword that steals souls.  Thor uses a freakin' HAMMER for crying out loud.  How do you a draw a dynamic hammer?  Kirby did it by making it larger than life, and so do these guys.

My favorite Marvel quote: "Yeah? Well, my God has a HAMMER!"  Nick Fury, Secret Invasion #8.
Nuff Said!

Link: Gabriel Hardman on deviantART
Link: Big Barda by Gabriel Hardman
Link: Mark Morales on deviantART.

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