Friday, August 13, 2010

Two Hulk Marvelmania posters by Jack Kirby and Herb Trimpe

I was thinking the other day about various posters that Marvelmania produced.  There was a Hulk poster, I remember that.  Did Jack Kirby or Herb Trimpe draw this poster?  The answer is...both of them did one!

Hulk Marvelmania poster 1969 by Jack Kirby (from Kirby Museum)

Jack Kirby's version is unmistakably dynamic and powerful.  The Leader's sitting inside that Kirby cosmic contraption ready to blow Greenskin to smithereens.

Herb Trimpe Marvelmania poster

Herb Trimpe's version (sorry this is best image I could get) has the same pose as Kirby's poster, the same angles and design.  Trimpe's touch is seen on the Hulk's face and the inking on the body is more rounded and less square.

Did Herb Trimpe ink over the pencils provided by Kirby for the original?  Why were there two posters?  Let me in on the secret if you know.  Nuff Said!


  1. I bet you know this by now, in the big Kirby King of Comics by Mark Evanier he explained that this was the last straw at Marvel comics.
    The King was being treated as out-dated at the time; he constantly asked for credit as a co creator of the Marvel universe, but the new owners wouldn't recognize him as such. To them he was just the guy who drew a lot of those comics.
    It seems that at the time a mail-order firm that was doing business with Marvel asked them for 8 Marvel characters posters, which Kirby drew and in a rare move inked himself.
    In a pretty dumb and plain wrong move on the other side (if things really went like Kirby lover Evanier says) Marvel rejected 4 of them for considering them too much "Kirby style" (no shit?) didn't used them, didn't pay Kirby for the work and on top of that asked Herb Trimpe to trace over Kirby's Hulk and make it more his style since he was the one drawing the comic at the time... Talk about insulting an artist in every possible way! Evanier says Kirby never blamed Trimpe since he was just "following orders". I say WHAT??? What is this the third reich? I say Trimpe was a whore for even contemplating and let alone doing such thing... after that Kirby left Marvel for his 70's DC comics age.


  2. I could have sworn I resonded to your comments awhile back but I see that my response was deleted. Say what you will, but Trimpe improved upon Kirby's art. No question. Great design by Jack but the execution on the Hulk leaves a lot to be desired.

    1. Sorry about that! I changed the comment system once, perhaps that is how it disappeared.

      I agree with you - because the Trimpe version of the Hulk was the one I started reading and loved.

    2. Hello Richard, thanks for the clarification...I have no problem with your post, and I appreciate your blog; I just don't care for the previous poster's characterization of Herb Trimpe as a 'whore'. The irony is that I didn't know that Herb had died when I revisited your blog and noticed that my post was missing. Trimpe may not have been as smooth as Buscema and Romita, or as dynamic as Kirby~but he had a dramatic quality to his art that was unique. Some of his covers from the 15 to 20 centers are still pretty awesome.

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