Thursday, August 12, 2010

Stan Lee and John Romita Take on Nixon and the 1972 Election with Spider-Man

The New York Times Magazine featured this Spider-Man editorial comment on April 16, 1972, about the Presidential election campaign that year.

Stan Lee and John Romita on 1972 Presidential Campaign with Nixon, Kennedy, etc

In 1972, the United States was still in the Vietnam War.  Nixon was running for re-election, but a clear Democrat opponent hadn't yet emerged.  Stan ran down the candidate list: Ed Muskie, Hubert Humphrey, Ted Kennedy, and New York City Mayor John Lindsay.  McGovern hadn't quite emerged as the leader at that point.

Spidey doesn't back any of these guys and only makes one real political comment before disappearing into the pages of his comic: that Richard Nixon isn't really the best that the United States can do!  You gotta love John Romita's depiction of Tricky Dick.  Nuff Said!

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