Monday, August 16, 2010

Monster Mondays: Giant-Size Man-Thing #4 Cover and the Missing Howard the Duck

It's hard to believe now, but there was an issue of Giant-Size Man-Thing that was highly valued in the back issue market.  Issue #4, which featured the very first solo Howard the Duck story by Steve Gerber and Frank Brunner!

Giant-Size Man-Thing 4 cover by Frank Brunner

Hardcore Marvel fans will clearly remember the printed cover, where Manny is holding the hand of a fearful fool--burning at his touch.  The circle to the lower left contained the cover blurb to let his know that Howard was finally in this issue!  His appearance had been delayed from Giant-Size Man-Thing #3.  But did you know that there was originally something else in this cover circle?

Giant-Size Man-Thing 4 original art by Frank Brunner from Mike Blanchard Gallery

Mike Blanchard (see below for the link to his gallery) owns the original art to the Giant-Size Man-Thing #4 cover.  In the circle, Brunner had drawn a headshot of Howard the Duck!  Apparently the editor thought this wasn't effective enough and had it replaced with the blurbs.  It's kind of a nutty decision.  I would just have put a blurb underneath Howard's head announcing his premiere.

Also interesting: the instructions to give the color to Frank Brunner or Glynis, which was the colorist Glynis Wein.

Giant-Size Man-Thing 4 recreation by Frank Brunner from Paul Stephenson Gallery

Paul Stephenson commissioned Brunner to recreate this famous cover.  In this commission, the circle appears with the cover blurb.  Nuff Said!

Link:  Mike Blanchard Gallery on ComicArtFans

Link:  Paul Stephenson Gallery on ComicArtFans

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