Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Marvel Treasury Avengers Covers by Jack Kirby

There are some wonderful Avengers covers that Jack Kirby did during his mid-late 70s Marvel stint.  Here's one of my favorites: Marvel Treasury Edition #7, from 1975.

Marvel Treasury Edition 7 Avengers cover by Jack Kirby, 1975

I like this cover as it features my favorite classic Avengers, running straight at the viewer.  Thor is front and center in a timeless pose, swinging the Uru hammer above his head.  Cap looks cool to the left and on the right you have Henry Pym as Giant-Man (blue costume).

Marvel Treasury Edition 7 Avengers back cover by Jack Kirby, 1975

If that wasn't enough, Kirby also did the back cover with a different Avengers lineup.  The Hulk makes an appearance and Henry Pym is in the red Giant-Man costume--and does double duty as YellowJacket!  This pinup must have foretold Avengers Forever.  :-)  You can see some retouching going on here--I believe that the Beast, Vision and Iron Man were slightly changed to make them look more like the contemporary versions.  Great stuff.  Nuff Said!

Update: Comments from my old MT blog...


That Kirby Treasury cover might be one of my favorite pieces that the King produced in the 70's. I had that one when I was little and loved it. I can only imagine what it would be like to own that particular cover, it simply has everyone on it in some of the most iconic poses ever. Each one could easily have been used on the side of a slurpy cup, sticker set or lunchbox. Great call on a fantastic couple pieces of artwork from the greatest comic book storyteller ever!
dusty abell

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