Sunday, July 11, 2010

Art Adams Classic Avengers Covers Showcase the Hulk

Art Adams Avengers Classics 1 cover

In the back of the newly re-launched Avengers titles, Brian Bendis is writing an Oral History of the Avengers.  Sort of a documentary approach to the Avengers history--what if every person connected with the team was interviewed?  It's very interesting, and somewhat controversial.  Best of all, this backup allows Marvel to showcase some great covers and illustrations from the past, including Art Adams covers to the Avengers Classics reprint series.

Art Adams Avengers 2 cover

These illustrations are from Avengers Classics #1-3, showcasing the Hulk on cover, when he was briefly part of the team.  Here the Space Phantom impersonates the Hulk and attacks Thor, Iron Man, Ant-Man and the Wasp.  Which ticked off everyone to no end and made for the Hulk's early exit.  Iron Man is still in his "bucket-head" early armor, while Hank Pym upgraded himself from Ant-Man to Giant-Man.

Art Adams Avengers 3 cover

The Hulk didn't go quietly--in the third issue he teamed up with Namor the Sub-Mariner to fight the Avengers.  Iron Man gets a new suit of armor--my favorite--with the pointed tips of the mask rising above his head.  I bought Randy Bowen's statue of this armor and I love it.

I really thought the Hulk was a lot fun in the Avengers.  He's a walking gamma bomb of chaos and unpredictability.  As Tony Stark says in the Oral History, "He was like a big, big, big dog on a leash.  Just take the muzzle off and let him loose."  It wasn't until The Defenders that we got the thrill of seeing the Hulk in a regular team book.

With all these new Avengers teams, Marvel tries to think out of the box and put in characters like Spider-Man and Wolverine that were previously off limits.  It looks like Wolverine and Hawkeye are pulling double duty on two teams.  Why not recruit the Hulk?  Nuff Said.

Update: Comments from my old MT blog...


glad yo have you back. ive been perusing the backlog of Starlord posts lately till you made it back. i think ive got #'s 1-4 of this series, mostly picked for the covers. the water-colored looking back strips werent bad either. wondering if youve caught the cover for Marvel Adventures Hulk #13 - it was a great take on a classic cover. the classic cover escapes me, but it has to be on the timeline that these reprints covered. im sure you can find the original art - as the final has a logo plastered on. also remember a discussion online about the #1 cover featured here, that had 2 different Ant-Man(s). think it was decided that 1 was the Lang version. really amazed how many characters are stuffed in there though.
glad you're back posting on giantsizemarvel, i found your site a few months ago and have enjoyed it immensely. I was getting worried when i bagan to notice no new updates in a while, i'm happy with todays post, the first issue cover is one of my alltime favorite art pieces, tim townsend owns that sucker now! i wish art was drawing books like this or fantastic four instead of ultimate x....his work is still so amazing i hate to see it wasted on a series i'm just not that excited about.

dusty abell
Thanks for your comment and letting me know about Marvel Adventures Hulk. I will have to find those!
Wow, thank you Dusty! I am a fan of yours as well, love that stuff on deviant Art!
Really good to have you back. I purchased this series only for the
Art Adams covers as well. Just like I did when he did the covers for Dark Horse Comics Godzilla reprint series way back.
sorry to be so late getting back, but i found a small scan of the cover (the final has HULK stamped over the Avengers logo, and that sticker looking paste-job over for at :
and i should have realized its a decent take of the Avenger #1 cover.
Thanks! I looked this up before as well and saw the Avengers #1 parody. :-)


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