Thursday, April 1, 2010

Marvel Funnies for April Fools Day: Forbush-Man, Nick Fury, Thor vs Silver Surfer

Here are few pieces to drive you Marvelously Crazy this fine April Fools Day…

Crazy 1 1972 cover by Marie Severin

This cover to Crazy #1 (1972) by Marie Severin features Forbush-Man summing up the spirit of the early 1970s anti-war protests:  Support peace, you super-baddies, or we’ll clobber ya! 

Forbush-Man: a character I thought would have taken off more!  He looks to be making a comeback in next week’s parody special (of Captain America), Who Won’t Wear the Shield? 

nick fury vacation

What happens when Nick Fury goes scuba diving on vacation?  As Bruce Timm sees it, he just can’t stop taking all of his gear along with him, much to Val’s chagrin.  Perhaps Hydra was about to strike?  It’s a fine homage to Steranko’s covers and penchant for pockets and gear.

It really cracks me up that Fury is smoking a cigar inside that helmet!

surfer vs thor

Bruce Timm again, drawing the scene that John Buscema forgot in Silver Surfer #3.  Silly, but as a kid, I did always wonder why the Surfer never rammed anyone in the gut.

Lockjaw joke from Marvel Age

Last and certainly least, a terribly Inhuman pun.  Nuff Said!