Wednesday, April 7, 2010

1970s era Marvel Heroes from The Art of John Byrne

The 1979 book The Art of John Byrne featured a couple of nifty illustrations for that era of the Marvel Universe...

Marvel heroes by John Byrne

This one in particular is a joy, capturing my favorite X-Men and Avengers teams, with the Fantastic Four thrown in for good measure.  Byrne wouldn't take over the FF until two years later in 1981--this was a harbinger of things to come!

Art of John Byrne cover 1979

The cover to this book featured Byrne's own creation, Rog-2000, driving terror into the hearts of Spider-Man, Wolverine, Scarlet Witch, and the Vision.

If you ever find this book at a con, it's very much worth having!  Nuff Said.

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