Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thor Thursday: Comic Reader covers by Joe Sinnott and Rich Buckler

A couple of Silver Age Thor covers today, from The Comic Reader…

The Comic Reader 115 Thor by Joe Sinnott

Here’s a 1975 cover (Comic Reader 115) that showcases not only why Joe Sinnott was a great inker—he was a damn good artist as well!  Sinnott inked many issues of Thor, though ironically, he never inked Kirby on this title.  What would have happened if all those Vinnie Colletta issues were done by Sinnott instead?

Uh-oh, I’ve just made myself a target for the Colletta Club. 

The Comic Reader 083 Thor by Rich Buckler

Rich Buckler did this 1972 cover for The Comic Reader 1972.  Buckler during this period was the perfect second-generation Marvel artist, combining the best of Kirby and Buscema in his work.  Thor must be fighting one of the High Evolutionary’s creatures in this pic…perhaps the Man-Beast? 

Have a great Thor Thursday and skip the trip to Valhalla.  Nuff Said!

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