Sunday, March 7, 2010

Silver Surfer Sunday: Jack King Kirby and Al Gordon

Silver Surfer pinup by Jack Kirby and inked by Al GordonSilver Surfer by Jack Kirby and Al Gordon with really nice Colors by Artist-Colorist Supremo, John Heebink

This classic Silver Surfer image is by Jack (King) Kirby, inked by superstar Al Gordon.  Gordon took on this inking challenge for a class he was teaching in the bay area.  The colored version on the right was done by John Heebink.

Al Gordon has worked on so many comics; Justice League, Legion of Super-Heroes, Wildstar are but a few.  You can see a list of his accomplishments on Comic Book DB.

Want another take on this theme?  Check out the Craig Hamilton Silver Surfer pinup.  Nuff Said!

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