Monday, March 8, 2010

Monster Monday: Jim Starlin Ghost Rider, from The Comic Reader

Beginning...a week of covers from one of the most famous fanzines of all time: The Comic Reader! 

Launched by Paul Levitz in the 1960s, and later published by Street Enterprises, TCR was a prime source of insider news on the comics world.

Ghost Rider cover by Jim Starlin Comic Reader 154 March 1978

TCR was a digest-sized mag published in black and white for the first few years.  The magazine switched to color covers after the first 100 issues, and they were often able to snag superstar artists to draw this Ghost Rider cover to issue 154 by Jim Starlin.  This cover references a story that Starlin wrote and drew for Ghost Rider #35 (1979), titled "Death Race".  I've often wondered if this image was a rejected cover that Starlin had intended for that issue.  Nuff Said!

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