Thursday, February 4, 2010

Thor Thursday: Jim Starlin Pin-Up in Glorious Black and White

Thor brings down the thunder and lightning in this 1977 pin-up that appeared in Marvel Preview #10, by Jim Starlin.

Jim Starlin Thor pinup for Marvel Preview 10 1977

Starlin's black and white drawings during this period were unworldly good.

I've run out of steam on Thing Tuesday.  Henceforth, let Thursday now be known as Thor Thursday!  Nuff Said!

Here is an interesting factoid from Marvel fan Klaus Nordby: Heh! Maybe it'll console you to know that the English "Thursday" is etymologically derived from "Thor's day". Here in Norway, it's called "Torsdag" -- for we spell his name "Tor". Our Wednesday is called "Onsdag" -- which is derived from "Odin's day".

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