Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Giant-Size Challenge: Name the Characters in this 1985 Kerry Gammill Marvel Age Cover

Marvel Age Annual #1 from 1985 featured this crowded wraparound cover by Kerry Gammill.

Marvel Age 1985 Annual cover by Kerry Gammill

Virtually all of Marvel's characters from this period are featured here.  Two of the wackiest are the Beyonder (on the right) in his zoot-suit from Secret Wars II and Magneto (in the middle) in his reformed period leading the X-Men.  Whoever designed that stupid new costume for Magneto with the giant "M" on his chest should have consulted Tim Gunn first.

There's one character I can't identify, in-between Colossus and Storm in the middle section.  Who the heck is that?

Can you name all of the rest?  Reply in the comments if you can.  Nuff Said!

Update: Comments from my previous Movable Type blog...


Could it be the Phone Ranger ?
It is the Phone Ranger, you are correct, sir! LOL. I had to look that up. The Phone Ranger was featured inside this issue by Kurt Busiek as a joke.
To be honest I had to look it up too !!! I read a synopsis of that
issue and it mentioned the Lethal Legion which I looked up on the
Marvel Appendix. Love your site. That was my first post but I check
out Giant Size Marvel all the time.


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