Tuesday, February 2, 2010

1975 Marvel Convention Poster by John Buscema

This poster by John Buscema and Joe Sinnott for the 1975 Marvel Convention features all the stars of that era.

Marvel Convention 1975 poster by John Buscema and Joe Sinnott

Not only do the big superstars look great, but so do the “B” players (Ka-Zar, Luke Cage Powerman, Shang-Chi, etc) and the Marvel monsters (Ghost Rider, Frankenstein, Dracula, etc).  There are even two licensed characters, Conan and Doc Savage.  What a diverse world the 1975 Marvel Universe was!  Nuff said!

Update: Comments from my previous Movable Type blog...


I've had this large, original convention poster, framed, for many a year.
While not the all-time "best" thing in my collection, it IS special because it's one of the few items that features both; Dr Strange AND Man-Thing (my two big faves).

You are correct, however.
Every character, no matter if "A-list" or "D-list" is drawn dynamically by the late, great John Buscema.
I've had a poster just like this for aprox 20 years except where Buscema/Sinnott's signatures are it says 'The Titans' and their signatures are in the bottom left corner.
Was wondering if anyone can help me put a price to it or point me in the direction of where to get one.


  1. Dreadlox,

    It sounds to me like your TITANS poster is from a UK reprint magazine.

    If I'm not mistaken, TITANS was the title for one of the Marvel reprint comics in England.

    They frequently included free stuff like posters, stickers and stuff in their comics.

    Normally, you'd find the comics these days without the freebies, but sometimes, a collector would keep them intact and you may find them together on eBay).

    If your poster has any info on the back, which could be an issue number or a date, it would help you locate more info.

    Good luck.


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