Saturday, January 23, 2010

A Groovy Greeting From Stan Lee at the 1975 Marvel Convention

When you think of Stan Lee (and I know you do everyday), what image do you see?  Probably the old geezer hamming it up in brief cameos from all the Marvel movies.

A Groovy Greeting from Stan Lee to Marvel Con 1975

Here’s Stan circa 1975, from a photo taken for the first ever Mighty Marvel Comic Convention in NYC.  Stan’s really mad mod hip, with the black shirt open at the chest, the Sebring hair-do, and gold chain on his right wrist.  He would have been basking the after-glow of “Origins of Marvel Comics” which had been published a few years earlier, and gave him exposure to many media outlets.

I can smell Old Spice aftershave just by looking at this picture.  Nuff Said!

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