Saturday, December 19, 2009

Mike Mayhew New Avengers Splash, Black and White versus Color

New Avengers Annual #3 went on sale recently, featuring the dynamic art of Mike Mayhew.  If the story alone (featuring Hawkeye in the clutches of the Dark Avengers) isn’t enough to grab you, Mayhew’s art should be reason enough.


Here’s the double page splash to pages 2 and 3, in black and white, from Mayhew’s Deviant Art page.  I just love how Mayhew uses the subtle shades of grey tones, combined with the light sources, to make all of these characters seem three dimensional.  I’ve no idea anymore what artists use a medium.  Pencil?  Ink wash?  Is it all done on the computer?  Please let me know what Mayhew uses.

New Avengers Annual 3 splash by mikemayhew in color

Here’s the same double page splash after Andy Troy applies the color.  It looks wonderful in this form as well.  Troy doesn’t obliterate the shadows and tones with over-saturated color.

Personally, I’d love to see both versions printed.  A while back Marvel printed black and white versions of Simone Bianchi’s Wolverine issues.  It would be cool if they could they same for one of Mayhew’s projects.

For more original New Avengers Annual art, please visit Mike Mayhew’s DeviantArt site.  Nuff said!

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