Sunday, December 13, 2009

Hunter's Planet of the Apes Archives and Doug Moench's Unpublished Apes Stories

Doug Moench, prolific writer of many Marvel and DC comics.

A fan named Dave Ballard wrote and alerted me to this ultra-cool website, Hunter’s Planet of the Apes archives.  A while back I had published two posts, one about Marvel’s POTA movie-themed covers and the other one featuring Marvel’s POTA characters.  Apparently, the cover scans (with the POTA logo and cover copy removed) were retouched by Dave for this site.

Hunter’s site has a fascinating page on Doug Moench's unpublished Apes stories.  Apparently the POTA magazine was cancelled abruptly when the licensing fees were going to be increased.  Moench had plans for a new series featuring a time-travelling character who would visit different eras and different worlds in the universe of the Apes.  Visit this page on Hunter’s site for more details, including some of the actual unpublished scripts.  Nuff said.


  1. Good comics.. This should turn to a movie or TV series.

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