Friday, November 6, 2009

Red Sonja and Storm pinups by Byrne and Cockrum


John Byrne drew this pinup of Red Sonja in 1975.  I thought he captured everything great about this character in a single pinup.  Beyond her beauty, the way she carries that sword would make you think twice about propositioning her!

Red Sonja 6 cover by Frank Thorne

Red Sonja graduated from the pages of Conan to her own series, beginning in Marvel Feature #1, also circa 1975.  This title, written by Roy Thomas and drawn by Frank Thorne, lasted seven issues.  You can see from this cover to issue #6 that Mr. Thorne had an unmistakable art style.

Cockrum - Storm & Sonja
Dave Cockrum drew this great pinup featuring Storm and Red Sonja, where they swap costumes.  It’s hilarious to see Storm wearing Sonja’s metal bikini, and her thought balloon says Good Lord—This bra is enormous!  It’s cold too!  Near Cockrum’s signature he says Heh Sorry, Ladies.  I think we all celebrate Cockrum’s art and design, but let’s not forget his fantastic sense of humor!

If you’re in the mood for more laughter, check out Storm critiquing Ms. Marvel’s costume.  Nuff said.

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