Monday, November 9, 2009

Monster Monday: Mike Ploog Ghost Rider cover recreations

Ghost Rider first appearance, cover by Mike Ploog, Marvel Spotlight 5, 1972

When Ghost Rider first appeared in Marvel Spotlight #5, I was absolutely run over (pardon the pun) by Mike Ploog's artwork and character design.  Especially intriguing was the cover blurb: Is He Alive or Dead?  I sold my original as a kid, but I was able to buy a back issue a few years ago.  It's still one of my favorite origin issues ever.

Marvel Spotlight 5 cover recreation by Mike Ploog from comicartfans Pheng Taing

Here are the pencils to a recreation that Ploog did a few years ago, from Pheng Taing on comicartfans.

Ghost Rider in Marvel Spotlight 8, cover by Mike Ploog, 1972

Marvel Spotlight #8 really showed me the potential of Ghost Rider as a character--by taking him out of the city and pitting him against another brand of magic.  It was also cool to see the Ghost Rider--a revamp of a Western character--in an Indian reservation.

Marvel Spotlight 8 cover recreation by Mike Ploog from comicartfans Pheng Taing

Ploog's recreation--also from Pheng Taing--really oomphs up the crazy magic going on here.  What lucky guy to have both of these!  Nuff said.

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