Monday, November 30, 2009

How A Marvel Fan's Letter Influenced Giant-Size Defenders #1

Giant Size Defenders 1

Nearly a year ago, I blogged about one of my favorite comics of all time, Giant-Size Defenders #1.  Today another fan, Juan Ortiz, wrote in to tell me an interesting story about this comic:

When I was just a kid, I sent a letter to Marvel asking them to print giant-size comics, just like DC had been doing. Having been a Defenders fan back then, I suggested a giant-sized issue. For which I received a No-prize for. I also think my name was printed on the Defenders pin-up in this issue. Although I can't confirm it, since they spelled Juan with a T. It reads Tuan. But back then, my lettering was not the best. So it may have read as Tuan to them. Juan

Sal Buscema Defenders pin-up from Giant-Size Defenders 1

Here you can see the double-page pin-up by Sal Buscema of my favorite non-team of all time.  The three big guns--Hulk, Sub-Mariner, Doctor Strange--are front and center, with Valykrie and Silver Surfer flanking the sides.  Look at the blurb on the lower right hand corner.

Tuan, er, Juan, acknowledged in Giant-Size Defenders 1 pinup

See you in our 25 cent Titan-fest, Tuan!  I find this story entirely plausible--since a J can look like a T in certain circumstances.  Or it may not have been your lettering, Juan--it could have been the Marvel staffers were high on ink fumes!  I remember originally seeing this blurb when it was first published, and wondering who the heck Tuan was.  Thirty plus years later, the mystery is solved! 

Thanks for writing T--er, Juan!  I hope you kept your No-Prize letter, I never got one.  Nuff said.

Update:  Here were 2 comments posted on my previous blogging platform:

WOW! Thanks for writing and printing that.
Unfortunately, I did not keep the No-prize. At my age I don't even think I knew what a No-prize yet was. And besides, my brother had opened it. Uhgg!

I consider it an honor to be friends with Tuan for so many years.

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