Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Mike Ploog Man-Thing Recreations

A number of years ago, Mike Ploog produced a series of cover recreations for some of his most famous Marvel Comics from the 1970s.  I'll showcase a few each day leading up to Halloween.

Man-Thing 8 cover by Mike Ploog, 1974

Man-Thing #9 from 1974 has a great yarn about the creature discovering a hidden enclave of Spanish soldiers who had discovered the Fountain of Youth.  They have miraculous potions which can possibly change the monster back into Ted Sallis.  But construction magnate F.A. Schist (fascist) throws several wrenches into this plan.

Man-Thing 8 cover recreation by Mike Ploog for comicartfans Simon Reed

The recreation to this cover accentuates everything.  The Man-Thing is gloopier than ever and the wizened skeletal man in the lower right is scarier.

giant size man thing 1

Giant-Size Man-Thing #1 is one of my favorite all time comics.  Ploog and swamp monsters slugging it out in a giant-size comic, what could be better?

Giant-Size Man-Thing 1 cover recreation by Mike Ploog, from comicartfans Simon Reed

The recreation is pretty cool--notice how great the colors are in this version. 

You can find all these Mike Ploog cover recreations (and more) on comicartfans.  Nuff said.

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