Friday, October 16, 2009

Jim Starlin's Rampaging Hulk and Namor the Sub-Mariner

Jim Starlin did a lot of work during the first year of Rampaging Hulk magazine, featuring work with Alex Nino and with Steve Gerber's Man-Thing.  He also painted a couple of covers which are really cool.

Rampaging Hulk 6 cover painting by Jim Starlin, featuring Sub-Mariner

Rampaging Hulk #5 features the Hulk's on-again off-again ally, the Sub-Mariner, who never looked more regal than in this depiction by Starlin.  Ya gotta love the nasty expression on the Hulk's face as he looks upon Namor.  Unfortunately, Starlin did not draw the story inside.

Rampaging Hulk 5 ad

Bonus:  here's a Marvel advertisement for this issue that appeared in other black and white magazines!

Rampaging Hulk 7 cover painting by Jim Starlin

Starlin's third Hulk cover painting appeared on issue #7.  I like it the least of the three, perhaps because the Hulk isn't facing the viewer as in the other covers.  Nuff said.

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