Saturday, September 26, 2009

Marvel Planet of the Apes: Movie-themed covers

Marvel had some great Planet of the Apes cover paintings in the 1970s, that evoked scenes from the movie series.  Here's a number of them, with the cover logos removed.

Planet of the Apes 7 cover, Statue of Liberty

Planet of the Apes #7: The classic Statue of Liberty is shown in the background as Brent (James Franciscus) and Nova flee a Gorilla posse.

Planet of the Apes 8 cover, on the run with Nova

Planet of the Apes #8: Brent and Nova again on the run in a Beneath-inspired cover.  I had a great crush on Linda Harrison, who played Nova in the first two movies.  I thought Earl Norem, who painted this cover, liked her a lot as well.  Uncle Sal Abbinanti recently disclosed his Nova thirst on Around Comics episode 252, to the bewilderment of Tom Katers.

Another interesting aside:  Linda Harrison starred as Wonder Woman in an unaired 1967 pilot, according to Wikipedia.  She would have been a natural fit for the WW costume!

Planet of the Apes 10 cover, mutants blow up the POTA

Planet of the Apes #10: The Gorillas have met their match with the mind-bending mutants.  Brent and Nova cuddle next to the nuke for safety.

Planet of the Apes 12 cover, Escape

Planet of the Apes #12: Cornelius--the good hearted chimpanzee who aided Taylor and Brent in the first two films--makes his Escape from the Planet of the Apes.  The cover shows a scene we never saw in the movie--Cornelius' astonishment at watching his planet explode.

Planet of the Apes 21 cover, Conquest

Planet of the Apes #21:  Conquest of the Planet of the Apes.  Watch out Jessica Simpson, those red-suited Gorillas are taking over the world!  I love this movie and the rioting scenes!  Roddy McDowell's speech (as Caesar) at the end is worthy of Shakespeare.

Planet of the Apes 27 cover, Battle

Planet of the Apes #27: Battle for the Planet of the Apes, the climatic fight between Caesar and Aldo in the trees.  Aldo actually killed Caesar's kid in this movie.  I cried buckets.

Did anyone have the reaction that I did when after seeing Battle?  I desperately wanted to learn what happened to Caesar and his Great Society.  The ending shows the Lawgiver making a sermon in the future, where Caesar's statue sheds a tear.  More tragedy must have occurred after the final film.  It seems like this mystery will never be solved.  Nuff said.

Update: While I received these POTA covers from a different source, I learned that they originated from Hunter's Planet of the Apes Archive.  Dave Ballard wrote to alert me--he was also the person who retouched the covers.  Check out that website, they've got some unpublished Doug Moench scripts and many other cool Ape-related things.

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