Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Marvel Goes Ape with Merchandise

How big was Planet of the Apes in 1974?  Big enough for these giant-size ads in Marvel’s black and white magazines.

Planet of the Apes and Spidey Giant pin-ups

Here’s my favorite: Giant-sized wall-hanging figures with eight movable parts.  Cornelius is featured front and center, with Spider-Man on his side.  The Cornelius figure is actually taken from a Mike Ploog drawing from Terror on the Planet of the Apes—the Alexander character.

Don’t ya just love that guy in the suit and tie staring admiringly at these giant pin-ups?  If a respectable adult likes them, it must be ok for a kid to buy it!

Someone still has these fading figures on a wall somewhere.  I just know it.

Planet of the Apes Merchandise

If you wanted to declare your Apes devotion in public—you could wear one of these nifty belt buckles—and choose between the Chimpanzee, Orangutan, and Gorilla factions.  Notice something funny here: in this ad, there is a chimpanzee called Alexander as well as Cornelius!  There are also a couple mistakes.  The Cornelius image looks like a Gorilla; General Ursus is spelled Urus.

What I really love about this ad is how it also markets the product to Apes fans living in Texas.  If you don’t want a belt buckle, you can have a western tie!  Just the thing to wear to the rodeo.  Nuff said.

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