Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Romantic Marvel Swimsuits of the Brothers Hildebrandt

If you went crazy for the trading card sets that Marvel released in the 1990s, then I’m sure you’ll remember the work done by the Brothers Hildebrandt (Greg and Tim) on various Marvel characters.  They also contributed some Marvel Swimsuit pieces featuring the X-Men.

Cyclops and Phoenix by Hildebrandt Marvel Swimsuit 1995

Here’s Cyclops and Jean Grey on vacation.  I think this picture is proof positive that Jean had plastic surgery sometime during the previous decade.  An untold story!  Scott’s mind does not appear to be wandering.  For a long time, this was the sacred romance in the Marvel universe.  It took Grant Morrison to break them apart.

Rogue and Gambit by Hildebrandt Marvel Swimsuit 1994

We all know Rogue and Gambit can’t ever really get it on, without Rogue sucking the life out of her lover.  The Hildebrandt’s are really cruel here having Rogue tease Gambit with what he can’t have.  I think I’ve read somewhere that Mike Carey has devised a way for Rogue to control her powers now?  I can only follow Matt Fraction’s book. 

Check out more Marvel paintings on the Brothers Hildebrandt’s website.  Nuff said.

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