Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Marvel Swimsuits: George Perez on She-Hulk, Black Bolt, Medusa

George Perez contributed a couple of neat pinups for the Marvel Swimsuit issues.  Who better than Perez to draw some cute Marvel babes?

She Hulk, Wasp in Savage Land by George Perez Marvel Swimsuit 1991

She-Hulk and the Wasp in the Savage Land, circa 1991.  Jen must have imported those high heels and jewelry.  A goofy looking dinosaur looks on in amazement.

Black Bolt and Medusa by George Perez Marvel Swimsuit 1993

Black Bolt and Medusa on Monster Island in 1993.  Drawing Medusa in the nude with nothing but that fantastic red hair to cover herself was a stroke of genius.  I couldn’t recognize Black Bolt until I read the caption and saw the bolts on his speedo.  I suppose I just wasn’t looking at him immediately.  Nuff said.

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