Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Ken Steacy's Tales to Astonish Cover with Hulk and Ant-Man

Now here’s a blast from the past—anyone remember artist Ken Steacy?

Ken Steacy cover for Hulk, Ant-Man, Tales to Astonish Index 1978

Steacy worked on a number of remarkable comics in the 1970s and 80s.  He started off at Comico and later did work for Marvel—one Iron Man story in Marvel Fanfare stands out in my memory.  Since 2004, Steacy has been running his own publishing company.

What I find impressive about this cover is not the Hulk—he looks a bit ragged here.  It’s Ant-Man who really stands out on the left.  What could be more imaginative than Kirby’s costume design, the nutty antennae helmet, and steering an airborne insect like it was a flying horse?  And the lovely Janet Van Dyne for company.  Just think, if Marvel could produce computer animated movies, Ant-Man would be a perfect character for that medium.  Nuff said.

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