Friday, July 24, 2009

Cup of Joe's Big Bomb Detonated: Marvel now owns MiracleMan, er, MarvelMan!

MiracleMan becomes the property of Marvel...and becomes MarvelMan

The big bomb that Joe Quesada promised would break the internet has been detonated.  The rights to Miracleman now belong to Marvel!  It’s an ironic turn of events.  The character started out as Marvelman in the UK.  When it was going to be published in the USA, Marvel sued and the character’s name as changed to Miracleman by Eclipse Comics.  Alan Moore did a mind blowing job on this series, I hold it right up there with Swamp Thing, Watchman, and V for Vendetta.  I’ve always held on to my original copies of the Eclipse Comics.

Marvel brought Mark Buckingham on stage to celebrate the announcement.  I can only assume—or hope—that Marvel will bring Neil Gaiman and Buckingham together to finish The Silver Age and The Dark Age.  It would be weird to see these guys finish something they started over 20 years ago.

I am not sure how I would feel about seeing MarvelMan in the main universe.  It would be strange.  But sooner or later, I bet Marvel would bring him into continuity.  Nuff said.

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