Thursday, July 9, 2009

Brent Anderson wraparound X-Men cover

In 1981, Brent Anderson provided this nifty wraparound cover to the X-Men Marvel Comics Index.

Brent Anderson, Terry Austin cover for X-Men Marvel Comics Index 1981

I love this cover because it features the classic X-Men on the left in their yellow and black uniforms.  The new X-Men are gathered around Charles Xavier on the right.  The logo is used as a prop for Nightcrawler to dangle overhead.  Terry Austin did a superb job on the inks, and they corralled Steve Oliff for the coloring.
Brent Anderson was the artists of the classic God Loves, Man Kills graphic novel.  He illustrated many other Marvel comics, including Ka-Zar and one of my favorite non-universe series, Strikeforce Morituri.  Check out Brent’s website.  Nuff said.

Update: Comment from my old MT blog...


I was hoping you'd get to this one. The X-Men Index, along with the two volumes of The X-Men Companion, were and and remain my favorite reference sources for my pubescent mutant obsession (going on twenty-five years ago). I wasted many an hour reading these and the first TPB printing of the Dark Phoenix Saga and it's only been recently that I've delved into those stories and these references again.
Love the blog.

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