Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Steranko's Marvel Western covers

Here are a couple of Steranko covers that I didn’t even know about until I did some research!

Tex Dawson Gun-Slinger 1 cover by Steranko 1972

Tex Dawson, the Marvel cowboy who faded off the face of Earth 616.  Apparently his big gimmick was that he had a white German Sheppard (Lightning) and a black stallion (Whirlwind).  Steranko’s cover is really nifty, full-on Wild West glory.

Western Gunfights 14 cover by Steranko 1972

Here’s another cover, to Western Gunfighters #14.  Apart from Matt Slade—who might have been in Steve Englehart’s Avengers time-travel story—I don’t recognize these dudes either.  Nuff said.

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