Sunday, June 28, 2009

Silver Surfer, Captain Marvel, Warlock by Jim Starlin and Alan Weiss

A while back I mentioned how much I loved the early Marvel calendars from the mid 1970s.  A number of fans wrote back and clued me in on where to buy these (on eBay).  Now I have several of them--your feedback was much appreciated!

One month in particular I remembered was November 1976...that one featured this juicy pinup by Jim Starlin and Alan Weiss.

Jim Starlin Silver Surfer, Captain Marvel, Warlock for Marvel Calendar 1976

The Silver Surfer, with Adam Warlock one one side and Captain Marvel on the other, against a very cosmic outer space backdrop.  (I wish I had a better scan; this one was taken from a PDF found on Alan Weiss' site.)  I was a big fan of both Warlock and CM, mainly because of Starlin's fantastic artwork and stories.  Weiss was a friend of Starlin's and a wonderful inker--but I felt like we never saw his work often enough!  On seeing this pinup, I hoped that Starlin would one day work on the Silver Surfer.  He did, years later, in the 1980s.

Check out Alan Weiss' website, Surreal Deal.  Nuff said.

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