Monday, June 1, 2009

Monster Monday: Gil Kane Tomb of Dracula and Where Monsters Dwell

Gil Kane drew his share of Marvel Monster covers during the 1970s.  Here are a few favorites:

Tomb of Dracula 26 cover by Kane and Palmer

Tomb of Dracula #26 always brings a chill down my spine.  The perspective of this scene, taken right below the girl’s waist, is just perfect.  She’s walking alone down the streets of London, obviously afraid, knowing that someone is following her.  She looks around, but there’s no one behind her.  Her senses are working fine—Dracula is stalking her from the rooftop!

Tom Palmer inked Kane on this cover.  I always liked the end product when these two artisans worked together.  To my knowledge, Palmer only inked Kane on covers, never on an interior story?  If you know of one, drop me a line.

Adventure Into Fear 23

Another Kane/Palmer cover, which I’ve gushed over previously, featured Morbius on Adventure into Fear #23.  Kane’s covers to Amazing Spider-Man #101 and Giant-Size Superheroes #1 are pretty kick ass, too.

Where Monsters Dwell 17

A fan on the Comic Book Resources message board suggested I take a look at the cover to Where Monsters Dwell #17.  It reminds me of those Hammer horror films.  Nuff said.

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