Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Marvels of Gil Kane: Mighty Marvel Western covers

Mighty Marvel Western was a reprint title, featuring the western triple threat of Kid Colt, Two Gun Kid, and Rawhide Kid.  When Gil Kane started doing some covers in the 1970s, the comics were worth collecting for that alone.

Mighty Marvel Western 43 cover by Gil Kane

I got turned onto this cover to Mighty Marvel Western #44 by one of the Two Morrows magazines.  I can't help but think it's one of the most brilliant covers I've ever seen.  Rawhide Kid looking up at an ambush--his attackers are reflected in the pool he's drinking water from.

Mighty Marvel Western 40 cover by Gil Kane

The Rawhide Kid is featured on Mighty Marvel Western #40 freeze framed during a shootout in a small town.  An unseen enemy targets his rifle on the Kid from the roof above.  No problem, the Kid's got eyes behind his back.

Mighty Marvel Western cover by Gil Kane

On the cover to issue #41, the Kid displays his solution to a showdown by shooting the guns out of out his adversary's hands.

There are a lot of logos on these did Marvel's staff ever fit them all?  LOL!  Nuff said.

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I spoke to Gil Kane at a convention some years ago and brought a few covers fro him to sign. When I gave him this one he noted that it was one of his favorite covers as well. I tend to agree.
Nick Caputo

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