Thursday, June 4, 2009

Marvels of Gil Kane: The Inhumans

It took a while for The Inhumans to break out in their own self-titled series, but it finally happened in 1975.  Doug Moench and George Perez were the creative team, and it was solid book, but it lasted only 12 issues.  Gil Kane drew this terrific cover to Inhumans #8 (1976).

Inhumans 8 cover by Gil Kane

Having a group of super-heroes charging at the viewer is a theme you see often, but Kane makes it really dramatic by putting everyone in a dynamic pose.  Black Bolt is flying toward the reader, Gorgon and Triton are at his side, even Lockjaw is galloping behind them, while explosions are set off in the background.  Dan Adkins inked this Kane cover.

Inhumans 8 bw cover by Gil Kane, Adkins

The original black and white version is even more impressive than the full color cover.  I found this over on ComicsFun's gallery, where you can find the original art from Kane, Kirby, etc.  Nuff said.

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