Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Marvel Funnies: Jarvis does the laundry in Avengers Mansion

What’s it like for Jarvis, butler to the Avengers, on a quiet day that is bereft of attacks by Skrulls and Masters of Evil?  The cover to Foom #6 in summer 1974 allowed us a peak into the life of the greatest butler in the Marvel Universe.

Foom 6 1974 Jarvis cleaning clothes in Avengers Mansion

For Jarvis, it’s a day happily spent in the laundry room, polishing Captain America’s boots, washing costumes, and ironing the Vision’s cape.  The Avengers have left little notes on the cork-board. 

“My good man, there is entirely too much starch in my cape.”  The Mighty Thor

“Send autographed picture of me to Senator Buckley.”  Captain America.

“HELP!”  Your President.  Nixon.  I started to doubt the Captain America Secret Empire story after seeing this.

No idea who drew this cover.  Marie Severin or Paty?  Nuff said.

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