Thursday, May 14, 2009

Wolverine in Japan by Adam Kubert

A while back I showcased the pencils to full color versions of Adam Kubert’s cover to Wolverine #73.  I think this is a very iconic cover for Wolverine, right up there with Sub-Mariner #1, Silver Surfer #1, or Dr. Strange #177,  Other than the cover, I didn’t think there would be anything special about this issue.

Wolverine's Week

Whoops!  There are two great short stories, one by Jason Aaron/Adam Kubert, the other by Daniel Way\Tommy Lee Edwards.

The story by Aaron and Kubert answers that question we’ve all been asking since New Avengers started.  How the heck can Wolverine be a member on the Avengers, on the X-Men, on X-Force, in his own 2-3 monthly books and do the random team-up guest appearance in other series?  You see Wolverine’s weekly adventures, condensed into quick snapshots taken each day.  Monday he’s with the New Avengers. Tuesday he’s teamed up with the Punisher and Ghost Rider.  Wednesday he’s assassinating racists in X-Force.  Thursday he’s with his original crew, the X-Men.  Friday he’s doing a Spider-Man team up.  Saturday looks like a good day—he’s talking up bar girls in Bangkok.  He repeats the cycle over and over.  Finally, he gets together with Yukio (from the very first mini-series) who figures out why Wolverine can never rest.

Wolverine in Japan by Adam Kubert

The story is very clever, but the art by Kubert is amazing.  I especially love this two page spread of Wolverine riding his motorcycle in Japan.  Look at the detail in the city streets with the buildings and signs in the background.  The color by Justin Posnor really make this scene pop.  Nuff said.

Update: Comments from my old MT blog...


Hi Richard, I just discovered your GSM site today, and spent two hours reading through all your pages! I'm a Norwegian guy who discovered Marvel comics in 1971, a momentous event in my life which which lead to me eventually becoming a commercial artist. I've not paid much attention to comics for the past quarter of a century, but I'm currently re-exploring my beloved old "roots" -- and I got much joy out of reading your blogs! I'll be back, so please keep up the good work. 'Nuff said!
Richard, there are some great, giant-size images of various Steranko Marvel pages over at -- maybe something for you to grab and write about?

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