Sunday, May 10, 2009

Silver Surfer and Doctor Doom by Kirby and Rude

One of my favorite Fantastic Four stories took place in Fantastic Four #57-60, where Doctor Doom conned Norrin Radd big time and stole his power cosmic.  All of marveldom thrilled at this story by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby—and mourned the trashing of it in Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer.

At least we have the comics—and this nifty pin-up that Jack Kirby did the captures a key scene from that classic story.

Jack Kirby - Dr Doom and Silver Surfer

Now here’s something else I’ve uncovered from the internet.  Steve Rude’s take on this scene, executed in his own Kirby Classic style!

SteveRude - Dr Doom and Silver Surfer

Rude the Dude worked on a number of projects for Marvel, where he evoked memories of Marvel’s silver age comics.  There’s a lithograph Rude did for Dynamic Forces, Marvel Universe Classic—anyone have a good scan on that one?  If so, please send it me here, meanwhile, checkout the Dude’s awesome website here.  Nuff said.

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