Monday, May 18, 2009

Monster Mondays: Never Kung-Fu Kick a Man-Thing

Beginning...a week of Marvel's Kung-Fu Super-Stars from the Swinging Seventies!

Master of Kung Fu 19, Shang Chi meets Man-Thing

Steve Englehart was the co-creator of Shang Chi, Master of Kung Fu, but he only wrote 7 stories (2 in Special Marvel Edition, 3 in MOKF and 2 in Deadly Hands of Kung Fu) featuring the character.  His swan song in MOKF #19 featured the weirdest team-up of all time...Shang Chi and the mindless Man-Thing!

MOKF 19, Man-Thing splash by Gulacy

The story was drawn by a very young Paul Gulacy.  In a continuation of the previous issue, Shang-Chi has been drugged by his father (the evil Fu Manchu) with a drug called Mimosa.  And no, that isn't the same orange juice and champagne concoction you get at Sunday brunch.  Shang-Chi is hallucinating, disoriented and lost in the Florida everglades.  Just to make life even more fun, Fu Manchu's sent two assassins after his son.

MOKF 19, Kung Fu fails on Man-Thing

Naturally, with the Florida everglades being the Nexus of All Realities, Shang-Chi encounters Man-Thing.  He attempts to fight the monster, but Manny really isn't very solid.  Shang-Chi's feet go right through Manny's chest and out the other side.  It's fortunate that Shang-Chi remains very calm and Zen-like throughout this encounter.  If he felt any fear at all, Shang-Chi would be burnt to a crisp.

For Whosoever Knows Fear, Burns at the Man-Thing's Touch!  Nuff said.

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