Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Marvels of Gil Kane: Warlock Covers

Beginning...a look back at Marvel's Greatest Covers by Gil Kane!  Let's start with my one of my favorite cosmic characters, Adam Warlock.

Marvel Premiere 1 cover by Gil Kane

Marvel Premiere #1 (1972) was the first solo outing for Warlock--not only that, but it was the first time he had an actual name!  Created by Kirby and Lee in Fantastic Four #66, Warlock was previous known as Him.  Since The Power of HIM didn't seem like a good title for a comic, Roy Thomas re-christened the character as Adam Warlock.  Tomorrow's Hero--Today!

Power of Warlock ad

The cover to Marvel Premiere #1 was irresistible,  Warlock's new costume is really nifty and you get all tingly looking at the energy swarming around him.  Plus, he's got a suntan that makes George Hamilton envious!  Hulk and Thor on the cover made this a must have issue.  Too bad they only appeared in flashbacks--and those were recaps of stories previously published!

Marvel Premiere 2 cover by Gil Kane

The cover to Marvel Premiere was pretty cool as well.  I always admired how Kane depicted super-humans in flight.  The character named "Rhodan" has to be a Thomas nod to the series of novels featuring Perry Rhodan.

Power of Warlock 2 cover by Gil Kane

Power of Warlock #2 was actually the first comic I bought featuring the character.  The word balloons indicate Warlock has killed hordes of humans--how could any well adjusted kid resist that?

Thomas and Kane collaborated on Marvel Premiere #1-2, which led into the Power of Warlock series.  Thomas left POW #3, but Kane continued on as artist for a few issues.  Kane would produce most of the covers for the short life (eight issues) of this series.  Nuff said.

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