Thursday, May 28, 2009

Marvels of Gil Kane: Sub-Mariner Covers

Gil Kane's Sub-Mariner covers often paired him with that character's creator--the great Bill Everett!

Sub-Mariner 48

Sub-Mariner #48 does not seem like a Kane cover at first.  Bill Everett had an unmistakable style, and as the creator who had drawn thousands of Sub-Mariner comics, knew exactly how he wanted Namor to look.  But Kane did pencil the cover.  Look at the stance of Namor, with his legs twisted and balancing him over the girl.  The girl is on her back in a typical Kane pose.  Dr. Doom, Namor's friend/enemy/untrustworthy ally, looks very menacing.

Sub-Mariner 52

Sub-Mariner #52 features an attack by the Japanese mutant Sunfire.  This cover brings back fond memories of the classic Sub-Mariner vs Human Torch covers from the 1940s.

Sub-Mariner 58

Sub-Mariner #58 is probably the first comic I bought featuring Namor.  The Red-skinned chick drew my attention immediately.  Drawn in a typical Kane pose, she taunts the reader with the line: "Come on in Namor--The dying's fine!!"  Totally illogical, but she seduced me.  This cover was also inked by Everett, as you can tell from the detail on Namor.  Nuff said.