Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Marvels of Gil Kane: Iron Man Covers

Gil Kane did a number of covers for Iron Man during 1971-72.  Here are four of my favorites:

Iron Man 44

Iron Man #44 really sent chills down my spine when I first saw the creepy Night Phantom, but it's the expression of horror on the face of Stark's girlfriend Marianne that sells the cover.

Iron Man 45

Iron Man #45 brings back memories of the Vietnam anti-war protests on many campuses around the United States.  Many Marvel heroes had a "Crisis on Campus!" issue, this was Iron Man's turn.

Iron Man 46

Iron Man #46 has the Guardsman setting Stark's armor on fire--right in front of Stark Industries.  It's really humilating to be defeated in front of your own co-workers.  I really like the inking on this cover.

Iron Man 54

Iron Man #54 gives us Kane's view of a fight with the Sub-Mariner.  Namor always works best on a cover when he's launching out of the water to attack his opponent.  Bob Layton did a commission where he re-interpreted this cover, you can probably find it on his website.  Nuff said.

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