Saturday, May 2, 2009

Jim Cheung Avengers on Free Comic Book Day 2009

Avengers FCBD 2009

Wow.  Brian Bendis has been hyping Jim Cheung's artwork in the Avengers 2009 Free Comic Book Day issue, and he wasn't over-exaggerating.  Cheung's artwork is a tour de-force.  He's one of my favorite Avengers artists and he's really knocked himself out drawing this story that features both the New and Dark Avengers, with Thor making a guest appearance.

The story by Bendis is extremely new reader friendly, narrated by Spider-Man, who introduces all the characters and explains why there are two Wolverines and the whole Dark Avengers concept.  It's a done-in-one issue story where the two teams must band together to fight Ymir, the Frost Giant.  I think it's a bit difficult to give all the characters a chance to shine in this story.  Spider-Man, Wolverine, Ares, and Osborne's Iron Patriot get the most attention.

Two things really standout here visually: the new costumes for both Captain America and Thor are truly bad-ass.  Unfortunately, Thor's appearance is very brief and Captain America is kind of hovering in the background.  It's cool to have Bucky as Cap, but we haven't seen him take a strong leadership position as Steve Rogers did.

This Avengers issue is one of the finest comics ever produced for Free Comic Book Day.  I'd happily pay $3.99 for it, and I look forward to seeing it collected in a hardcover collection.  Nuff said.

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