Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Pencils to Inks: Wolverine #73 Cover by Adam Kubert

Adam Kubert kind of silently migrated back over to Marvel Comics (while his brother Andy is staying put at DC Comics).  I am glad he is back, because we are getting some great covers.  Like this one from Wolverine #73…

Wolverine 73 pencil cover by Adam Kubert

I like the design of this cover, with the perspective of Wolverine shot from below the motorcycle.  The speed lines are drawing your attention into Wolverine’s figure.

Wolverine 73 cover color by Adam Kubert

The color version really pops when you notice those sparkle-reflections from Wolvy’s claws as he hurtles toward this prey. 

This cover gave me an idea.  Wouldn’t Jason Aaron and Adam Kubert produce a kick-ass comic if they worked together?  Nuff said.

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