Thursday, February 26, 2009

Pencils to Inks: Adam Kubert New Avengers 50 Cover

Drawing a cover for a team book is a unique challenge.  In Adam Kubert's variant cover for New Avengers #50, the characters are not all clustered together.  Here's the pencil rough:

New Avengers 50 Adam Kubert pencils

Each hero is charging toward the reader, posed in a unique way that describes their character.  Kubert's left out certain details, like Spidey's webbing that he's going to add himself in the inked version:

New Avengers 50 Adam Kubert inks

I like Spider-Woman's pose here, for some reason that really reminds me of her old school roots.  Now let's see the finished product with color and logo:

New Avengers 50 Adam Kubert color

Notice how the colorist added the sun sparkle around Ms. Marvel's hands where Kubert had indicated.  The shadows and highlights really make this cover pop.  Nuff said.

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