Sunday, February 1, 2009

Giant Size Defenders 2: Gil Kane teams up with Klaus Janson

Giant Size Defenders 2

Why did I like the Defenders so much?  Because you never knew what to expect with each story arc.  The writers—Thomas, Englehart, Wein, and Gerber—all broke with conventional formulas in their own ways. Giant Size Defenders #2 did so when the team had to enlist a horror character—the Son of Satan—to rescue the Hulk from Hell!

Giant Size Defenders 2 splash 

This story featured Klaus Janson’s beautiful inks over Gil Kane’s pencils.  I am going to go out on a limb here and say this was the first Kane-Janson pairing.  Glynis Wein did a superb job on the colors as well.  The Hulk goes on a city wide rampage before getting tricked into Hell by a little girl.

Giant Size Defenders 2 Son of Satan

This appearance by Daimon Hellstrom setup a long association with the Defenders.  He joined the team again for the Sons of the Serpent storyline in issue #22-24 and later joined as a full time member.  It’s nice to have Satan’s spawn in your back pocket.  Nuff said.

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