Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Thing Tuesdays: Barry Smith and Marvel Fanfare 15

In 1984, we were allowed to see just how much Barry Smith adores the Thing in Marvel Fanfare 15:

Marvel Fanfare 15 Barry Smith Thing cover

Smith wrote and drew a 20 page story, in which the Thing wakes up on April Fools Day, encountering one prank after another, like this one:

Marvel Fanfare 15 Thing Whiskers

Fake Whiskers, planted by Ben’s teammate, Johnny Storm.  I love that line: “Maybe I’m reverteratin’!”  The story ends with the threat of an exploding cigar, which Al Milgrom kind of telegraphs in the upper left corner box.

Pick up Marvel Fanfare back issues at a con if you get a chance, they have some real gems!  Nuff said.

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