Friday, January 29, 2010

Solomon Kane by Berni Wrightson

This Solomon Kane pinup, by Berni Wrightson, appeared in Kull and the Barbarians #2 in 1975.

Berni Wrightson Solomon Kane pinup from Kull and the Barbarians 2, 1975

As usual, Wrightson works wonders with Kane fighting a monster in the shadows on a moonlit night.  Too bad we never got to see Wrightson draw a full length Robert E Howard story! 

One thing I always think about when looking at Wrightson and Barry Smith.  In addition to everything else, they are great at drawing natural scenery, such as grass, weeds, plants, and trees.  Nuff said!

Update: Comments from my previous Movable Type blog...


In this case Berni doesn't need to draw an entire sequential story. This one piece of art alone does what an entire film will soon fail to do, and that's capturing the spirit of Robert E. Howard' character and the doom filled world that this lone adventurer Puritan has taken on as his responsibility and service to God.
Perhaps you are right! Wrightson communicated more in single page illustrations than anyone.

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