Sunday, January 18, 2009

Duck! Gil Kane's Cover for Kid Colt 200!

I love the covers that Gil Kane did for Marvel's western titles.  Here's a great one for Kid Colt 200:

Kid Colt 200 gil kane pencil-inks

I noticed this black and white inked version over on ComicsFun.  I really like the perspective, taken from the feet of Kid Colt's enemy.  Look at how everything in the background seems frozen in time.  The horse, started by the gunshot.  The people down the street, alarmed by the bullets flying through the air.

Here's the cover in four-color glory:

kid colt 200 color cover

Notice that Gil Kane's signature,on the sign above the horse in the black and white version, is obscured by the cover blurb "Blazing Western Action."  Nuff said. 

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